Characters begin the campaign on the island kingdom of Taran, about the size of Great Britain. There are 11 duchies in the realm, each with a capitol of around 50,000 – 100,000 folk in the city and surrounding areas. No one seems to know what’s across the ocean (called the Uncrossable Sea), as the ships that venture there never return. There is rumored to be a huge, unexplored continent out there somewhere.

Urban areas are predominated by humans, but other races are found there in plenty as well. Dwarves and orcs congregate in mountain/underground fortresses, and most elves live in their island homeland to the north, where visitors are not welcome.

Each of the 11 capitol cities is home to one of the elusive archmagi; they live in isolated towers without doors or windows, and never emerge. Their power is said to rival that of the king, and they occasionally call people into service to protect the kingdom.

Isle of Taran